It set out new outdoor spaces excellent protection against sun and weathering, in harmony with the environment, thank to the use of renewable and inexhaustible energy sources such as sun, wind, water and air.

It gives you to benefit of comfortable outdoor space and extension between inside and outside.

A new generation bioclimatic pergola born from a “musical” inspiration: the floor to Michele Dirello.

The project told directly by Dirello technicians. Years of work, analysis and studies, all summarized in a single product.

The ten-year tradition of Dirello at the service of the latest hi-tech innovations: the founder of the brand, Salvatore Dirello, speaks.

The watchword is customization

The Diesis bioclimatic pergola highest degree of performance to levels never seen before, make the product extremely customizable and able to meet the most demanding needs

Quality makes the difference

It is the bioclimatic pergola in extruded aluminium alloy, modular and multifunctional.
With Diesis we have achieve great technical performance, an exclusive design, pure and well-defined in details using the best materials

Privacy comes as standard

The big news is the zip screen integrated in the structure, vertical awning able to guarantee privacy and important protection from sun, wind and rain depending on the choice of fabric.

All seasons are right

The chance to integrate sliding glass in combination with the zip screen closures, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space throughout the whole year.

Bioclimatic tecnology? You choose which:

The aluminium blades make up the roof structure of the pergola and create a comfortable environment underneath the roof. The blades are adjustable (Diesis O version) from 0° to 120° or retractable, to be folded into a narrow space (Diesis R version).
The blades can be adjusted to control the light intensity generating a flow of air, the natural ventilation is able to favour the passage of external air and cool the environment.
When the blades are closed, provide protection against the sun, wind and rain, creating the feeling of an indoor environment. The rainwater flows directly into the pillars with an innovative system of integrated perimeter gutters and downpipes.

Central opening of the blades, a system never seen before!

The main new feature of Diesis is the retractable blades roof with central opening. Innovative system, never seen before in bioclimatic pergolas, enables the blades to slide from the center towards the end of the pergola.

Each emotion is a colour

The aluminium structure is fully customised with the colours of the Dirello palette, coating finish certified by Qualicoat standards.
The pergola can also be enhanced with LED lighting, zip screen, sliding glass and up-and-down sliding glass window and can also be equipped with the special Dirello platform able to facilitates and compensates for any height difference or slope problems.

Connectivity, Automation, Smart home? Done.

Design and functionality meet connectivity, Diesis is designed to make the most of your outdoor space, through the Amazon Alexa and Google Home voice assistants.
The home automation system interacts with the weather conditions through sensors that control and close the blades in case of bad weather.

Made in Italy

Diesis: a product 100% Italian, CE certified, the ability of knowing and doing is the Dirello family’s entrepreneurial knowledge.

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